The great food debate

So. I’ve embarked on a quest to embrace the fuel for one’s life. Food.

We as human beings have such a delirious obsession with all things consumable. We are consumed and overwhelmed with such a prolific array of wanton delicacies.

Just recently I took the plunge to eat better. What does that mean and is it even grammatically correct? My penchant for all things fruit & veg has increased and my guilty desire for all things cheese, chips and bread is somewhat diminishing. Somewhat.


I am fascinated by the plethora of styles of eating & how devoted we are to labeling ourselves as “something”. As for me, I cook, I fuse different styles together and I experiment.

I don’t label myself, much to people’s chagrin nor do I stay steadfast in my way of eating. I prefer the old adage of ‘the 80/20 rule’ and I apply this to all aspects of my life.

Unlike our fellow animal friends who eat for survival we seem to have a far greater propensity to eat for death. With obesity like a partner you can’t get rid of, food is an elixir that we let pervade our better judgement.

I’m dabbling in amateur food photography and hash tagging the hell out of it to see what sort of traction it gains on Instagram. I like the mixed bag of fellow food fanatics, body builders, paleo people, nutritionists and self obsessed bathroom selfie folk happily displaying some sort of pack of abs.


I’d love to start some sort of food chat thread and see what folk think, feel and want to share. Personally, I would like to remove all forms of consumer marketing for junk food and see,just how the devoid may create better choices.

To market, to market to buy….a fat fig. Or just pluck one from the tree.



One thought on “The great food debate

  1. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!!
    I absolutely loved every bit of it. I have you bookmarked to
    check out new things you post…

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