Day #9 of The Amazing Weight

9 is my lucky number. Purely because I was born on the 9th of the 9th month and that kinda seems fortuitous right? Well as luck would have it, today got designated cheat meal day and I managed to devour a fairly decent sized burger and chips. Not just any ol’ burger, but a whopping ‘country-style-bought-from-a-diner-type-burger’. Well. Now we wait another week to absolve my guilt and do it again. This deprivation & satiation pendulum is starting to eat at me. (pun intended. please groan and laugh accordingly)

Leaning Tower of Burger

Leaning Tower of Burger

Chips. For those savvy readers and now regular followers, you will have come to understand and sympathise with my unbridled passion for the potato. Affectionately known as spud, dirt candy or ‘the vegetable that tastes bloody brilliant any way you cook it‘. 9 days in and I have noticed, and not subtly either, that I have an unwavering hankering to eat chips. I don’t actively seek them out, but somehow, just somehow they have worked their way into  4 of my dinners over the last 5 days.

I had a very enlightening chat with my friend about this processed sugar incarceration and I learned about some  research done into the artificial sweetener domain as well. Our clever little addictive brains and body, will find the calories\sugar any way they can. ie I’ve reduced my processed sugar intake, now my desire to eat potatoes has skyrocketed. 

So, I’m facing a conundrum. Cave in to my highly addictive personality and marry a potato farmer? Or introduce a new rule into the remaining 33 days and cut out potatoes? I’m leaning towards the latter. I mean, why the hell not? What’s another little challenge within a challenge. I’m finding it really interesting that my desire to eat them so often is becoming paramount. Massive exaggeration I know, but relative to this social experiment. As of tomorrow, good-bye my favourite vegetable and hello it’s cousin sweet potato. Now there’s an irony in titles.

Mexican Tortilla Stack. The higher the better. Bean me up Scotty!

Mexican Tortilla Stack. The higher the better. Bean me up Scotty!

My other cheat meal (last week, woah… steady on folks, I ain’t givin’ up a hundred that easily, didn’t cave twice in 1 week) was the delightful stack pictured above. The easiest meal to make when you have no time and want something delicious. This shopping experience was insightful too. Not only did I learn that the gluten free wraps I checked out ranked sugar as their 5th ingredient, but the wholewheat ones had them down as 11th! No guesses as to which version I went with there.

Burgerless Turkey burgers

Burgerless Turkey burgers

It hasn’t been all food and gloom though. One of my friends kindly introduced me to her Turkey Burgers. Well, when I say introduced:

She made them

I ate them

I loved them

When I get the recipe off her I will post that as well, because you can’t go wrong with a burger right? Well, let’s just be fancy and call it a patty because that seems to have a healthier tone to it. Far less formidable sight than the burger I inhaled tonight. I will concede defeat and admit that I backed the turkey burger meal on friday night with chips after. Maybe it was the vodka, sparkling water and fresh limes I had been consuming.

The wah? No, I haven’t gone all poshie mctoshie in the drinks stakes, just experimenting again. I have to say I felt bloody brilliant the next day with no hangover. Great way to hydrate whilst you are dehydrating at the same time. Up there in the thinking stakes right? Wait till I start depraving my brain of sugar. It’ll be a false sugar economy for my brain and far less verbose blog posts.

All this talk of food, sugar, good meals, bad meals leads me into my new found love. 2 words. Cardio Tennis.I mean a girl’s gotta move it, move it right?

The court at sunset. Beautiful backdrop and clean court, devoid of tennis balls that I manage to scatter in every direction bar the one I want it to go in.

The court at sunset. Beautiful backdrop and clean court, devoid of tennis balls that I manage to scatter in every direction bar the one I want it to go in.

Part of my challenge was to get moving more and I decided to not restrict myself to doing the staple things I love (weights, swimming and yoga – let’s get real here, I don’t exactly love yoga, I love the concept of doing it and the feeling afterwards). My friend manages a tennis centre and has been instrumental in getting me to get moving. I’ve had such a battle mentally to be active. I’ve seen it as a chore and not a good time. (Anyone watch Deena in Jersey Shore? This is not a good TIME!)

Cardio tennis has really, really put me in an uncomfortable place. Lack of hand eye co-ordination, stop\start running – often into the net or almost other people, trying to hit the ball, hitting the ball over the net (into the other court – HUGE talent I know), almost hitting the ball……. then spinning around and totally missing it and my favourite hitting it UP UP and AWAY……………

So why am I persisting? 3 things:

  1. Even though I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest and I breathe like a goldfish flapping about out of water – my cardiovascular fitness is slowly, slowly getting better.
  2. I love the feeling of hitting the ball, in the right direction and having the instructor go ‘great shot’. It was few and far between at first and with that surprised tone of  ‘wow, she actually hit it that time’ to now being more like ‘yes! you got it’.
  3. The variety of the drills is brilliant for me as I like constant variety when I exercise.

I would highly recommend giving it a shot. Again with the puns.

**Next post, I’m updating you with my housemates journey so far.**

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